The Design Process.

This process is very strategic as we try to incorporate your surroundings as a key element in the buildings location.  We start with using a full topographical survey of the property that we can then import directly into your 3d model to best situate the building on the property.  This is key for placement of all the rooms on the interior of the building as well.  Features like the best use for passive solar energy  and key property elements that would be great to tie into for your indoor/outdoor living experience.

Even from the foundation up, we will be working directly with you and your budget for the best possible options for you to lessen your impact on your environment.  Lowering our carbon footprint on the world is a huge undertaking and necessity for us as designers. 

Questions like climate and geographical location are key questions to the Building Envelope itself.   Which construction method would you like to apply?  Which Materials are best used for the location of my property?  What from my immediate environment do I want to include in my building?  Using native products to your area and for use in your landscaping will better make for a environmentally friendly building.