Here is a Brief History of where the "Usonian" type Architecture originated from.  

In the late 30s when the US was deep in an economic depression, Frank Llyod Wright came up with the concept of the Usonian type home.  Usonian was a Way of Life, this concept was to have a place to go where you could get away from the commercialism   that is the way of life for most.  The Homes were designed to  reflect the economy and offer an affordable solution for the markets at that time.  These homes were very basic and were all one floor open concept plans.  The original homes used mainly brick, wood and other Natural materials.  Even at that time he used a radiant type in-floor heating system.  The open context was similar to that of today where the Kitchen, Dining room, and living room were all in the same open area.  Wright opted for open carports instead  of garages as well.   

At Nusonian Homes, we strive to take another look at this type of Architecture and use it  as a foundation to work from.  With the variety of Materials and Construction  type options available these  days, we can look to achieve the original dream of this type of Architecture.